Recognizing My Hero's

The Phone Call
My mom called me, saying that the Police Lieutenant wanted to speak to me. My mind started racing in a quick review of the last month to make sure I didn't break any laws...nope, I am good.  Hard to break the law when you are stuck at home and can't drive.  And there is the fact that I just don't do things that break laws, especially to the extreme of the police calling my mother.

Suddenly, my brain cranked to Inoke and how he seems to be a magnet for really simple minded people that have a tendency to say stupid things... nope, don't recall anything that would get him in trouble either ;) Followed by an interesting realization that I was even considering the call to be a bad thing!!  If it was bad, why would they be calling anyway?? Let alone my MOTHER?! Will have to emotionally unpack thatone later!

Several seconds after I heard the request, words finally formed as I asked what he needed.  I most certainly left out my unfounded concerns about being in…

Master Key Experience

So I am trying this thing...

If you know me well, I am always seeking to learn something new. To expand my interpersonal communication skills or to hone my vocabulary so that I can be more concise with my writing. Or, get this... just to be a better person.  I know, sounds a little crazy.  But I is what I is.

My friend Leanne had been posting interesting little things here and there about this strange course her husband and herself had been taking over the last year.  I tried to use faithful Google to figure out what the heck MKMMA was on and off, but never really got a good idea of the syllabus or what topics it even covered. All I could find was videos of past students telling the audience that it
'changed their life' but didn't really tell us how..... I finally just assumed it was more training for network marketers, and passed it off.  I have taken so much of this training, but never seem to put it into practice.  The problem was that I couldn't get away from it an…

Following Up

On with recovery, one day at a time...Two weeks before my follow up appointment in the Electrophysiology Lab and my memories were are still not clear. The little things are still setting me off, and I felt disconnected. unable to even read 2 sentences in a book.  But at least I'm off the pain meds.  There was just an emptiness to my brain that I do not believe I have ever experienced.  I could sit on the deck for hours just staring into the back yard, or binge on Hulu for hours without eating.  Even more unsettling is that it doesn't seem to be disconcerting for anyone else. They keep telling me that I went through a lot and it will resolve on its own, but I mean really, not only did I allow ramen noodles in the house, but I even ate some myself. And then the insomnia started... Since I wasn't needing to get up in the morning for anything, I felt there was no need to force myself to sleep.  I applied all my essential oils that typically help me fall asleep and ended up s…

The Aftermath

81 days since my cardiac arrest.

Life is starting to get back to a normal pattern.  Kids are back to school.  I have started to go back to work.  But the last 81 days have taught me a lot, and has changed me in many ways.

The month of July is blurry.  I spent most of it on oxycodone.  From someone that has done chest compressions on many people, you don't really know what it feels like until you experience it.  My ribs didn't even break, for gosh sakes!  How do bones hurt that don't break?!?! No amount of my essential oils were breaking this pain, and I just keep remembering my friend Kim saying she had been in a roll-over car accident and only used wintergreen, peppermint & panaway during recovery... Dang it, I'm a wimp...

God blessed us with stable enough finances that my husband, Inoke, was able to stay home with me for the first 6 weeks of recovery.  I am so lucky that we had such an amazing year in 2016 to build our marriage so that 6 straight weeks of him w…

The Day My World Changed...

June 30th I learned several very important things. 
First, there clearly is a God. And He puts people where He needs them... Also, you don't get to die unless He is ready for you. Second, I have hope for humanity because there are still good people willing to help strangers. Third, I don't believe in coincidences. And lastly, EVERYONE needs to learn CPR.
So I owe a story to everyone, to explain why I feel so strongly about these beliefs. You see, it is a cool story, but when I tell it I feel like I am talking about someone else.... Maybe a patient I had last week... Because I remember very minimal from that work week, my cardiac arrest or my hospital stay.
On June 30th, just after 5pm, I was just outside Hastings driving to Red Wing to teach an essential oil and natural health class. I called my husband, Inoke, on my wireless headphones to tell him I was having a panic attack, couldn't breathe and that I felt like my heart was racing. He told me I was calm at first and jus…